Our Search Process


To conduct a successful search, Maczkov-Biosciences, Inc. (MBI) works closely with Clients to establish and agree upon the preferred or "ideal" profile of the individual sought to fill the position. During the consultative process we come to agreement with the client as to reasonable objectives and expectations including timelines for completing the assignment. We submit a proposal for review and finalize a search agreement with the client, outlining our proposed strategy, recommended search team, timelines, fee structure, and tasks that are to be completed throughout the search process.

  • Meet with the client to identify job content in terms of required skill sets and experience, understand corporate issues and culture, organizational relationships and dynamics, and identify other characteristics necessary for a candidate to be selected and successful in the position.

  • Prepare a draft of the Position Description that describes the Company, sets for the responsibilities of the position, qualifications required and desired of the ideal candidate, compensation package, and criteria for success. The Position Description is reviewed with the client, and final adjustments are made in submitting the document for client approval prior to starting the search process.

  • The job specification is shared with the MBI search team including alliance partner consultants with relevant industry and functional expertise to help identify "key" persons who may be helpful sources or possible prospects.

  • The MBI Research Department at the direction of the search team accesses our computer databases of individuals as well as other sources to provide a list of targeted individuals to be contacted by the professional search team.

  • Telephone calls and e-mails are used to source individuals for their assistance in identifying qualified candidates and referrals of others who may be appropriate candidates or in a position to refer additional qualified prospects.

  • Prospects who apparently meet the qualifications and indicate interest in considering the job opportunity are interviewed by one or more members of the MBI search team to assess their suitability for the position based on experience, career desires, and cultural fit within the client organization.

  • Confidential reports are prepared by the MBI search team of five or more potential candidates including a written summary of each candidate's background accompanied by their resumes and submitted to the client for review.

  • The "lead consultant" on the MBI search team discusses the suitability of each candidate profile submitted, and a mutual decision is made as to which candidates should be scheduled for interviews with the client selection committee. After each interview the MBI consultant contacts both the client and the candidates for feedback.

  • Upon selection of the finalist candidate or candidates the MBI consultant contacts both references provided by the candidate as well as other confidential sources who know the candidate and can provide insights regarding the candidate's qualifications. The collective comments are prepared in an assessment letter for review by the client in discussion with the MBI consultant who conducted the references.

  • The MBI consultant works with the client in outlining the critical points of an offer. The client extends the offer and the MBI consultant works with both the final candidate and the client in resolving issues around the offer including relocation issues. Once the offer letter is signed by the candidate, a MBI search team member works with the client and "new hire" to support the successful transition into the new work environment.

  • An MBI search team member contacts all those individuals who have been helpful in the search process, thanking them on behalf of the client.

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