News Releases

  1. C. Fletcher Payne as a consultant to CytomX Therapeutics, Inc.
  2. Rodney Pearlman, Ph.D. as President and CEO of Incarda Therapeutics, Inc.
  3. Steffen Helmling, Ph.D. as V.P. Business Development at PolyMedix, Inc.
  4. Susan Kramer, D.PH placed as V.P. Project & Alliance Management at XOMA (U.S.) LLC
  5. Bruce Steel placed as Chief Business Officer of Anaphore, Inc.
  6. Stanford Lee-Yu Peng, M.D./Ph.D. placed as Sr. Director, Medical Affairs at ARYx Therapeutics, Inc.
  7. Barry Toyonaga, Ph.D. placed as Senior Vice President, Business Development at Traversa Therapeutics, Inc.
  8. Aaron Kantor, Ph.D. placed as CSO of The Immune Tolerance Institute
  9. Barry Wolitsky, Ph.D. placed as COO of The Immune Tolerance Network
  10. Jean Amos Wilson, Ph.D. placed as Sr. Director, Genetic Services at SEQUENOM, Inc.
  11. Vince Barella placed at Trellis Bioscience as Sr. Director, Finance and Controller.
  12. Stephen J. Hurst, J.D. placed as Chief Business Officer of the Immune Tolerance Institute, Inc.
  13. Robert Di Tullio placed as V.P. Regulatory Affairs, Quality and Clinical Affairs of SEQUENOM, Inc.
  14. Joseph J. Vallner, Ph.D. placed as President & CEO of Capnia, Inc.
  15. Dan Levitt, M.D., Ph.D. placed as EVP, Research & Development at Cerimon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  16. Christine Meda placed as President of Diamics, Inc.
  17. Martin Emanuele, Ph.D. placed as Senior Vice President, Business Development at Kemia, Inc.
  18. Richard Reeves placed as Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance at Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (Oncology Systems).
  19. Peter G. Amatulli placed as Vice President of Commercial Development at Gentiae Clinical Research, Inc.
  20. Alan Lewis, Ph.D. placed as President & CEO of Novocell, Inc.
  21. Elizabeth Dragon, Ph.D. placed as EVP of Research & Development at SEQUENOM, Inc.
  22. Maczkov-Biosciences, Inc. assisted in recruiting Robin Allgren, M.D./Ph.D. as a Medical Consultant to Kemia, Inc.
  23. Xiaoming Zhang placed as Senior Director, Chemistry at Athenagen, Inc.
  24. Maczkov-Biosciences, Inc. assisted in the placement of William F. Daly, Jr. as Senior Corporate Business Development Director at CHIRON
  25. Peter A. Fuller, Ph.D. placed as Senior Vice President & Chief Business Officer of Cellular Genomics
  26. Jack Anthony placed as SVP, Business Development at Saegis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and David Pritchard placed as Chief Business Officer at RINAT Neuroscience
  27. Board Placements: Rob Chess from Nektar Therapeutics Joins CoTherix, Inc. Board, and Jean Jacques Bienaime from Genencor Intl. joins Saegis Pharmaceuticals Board.
  28. Dale Ando, M.D. placed as V.P. Therapeutic Development & Chief Medical Officer at Sangamo BioSciences
  29. Bill Rice placed as the President & CEO of Cyternex